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The right of the deafblind to humanity and equality in society
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Social Quick Messages

We regret that our new website is still in progress. The videos and pictures of this section will be added as soon as possible. 

Haptices and haptemes

Haptices are messages mediated by touch. They are divided into groups. These groups are descriptions of facial expressions and behaviour, emotions, messages mediated when guiding, descriptions connected with hobbies, drawing to body and social quick messages. Haptemes are linguistic elements of haptices. Haptices and haptemes are categorised according to Lahtinen, 2008.

This is a summary of haptices usually connected with everyday life. They are also depicted in the book “Social quick messages” (Lahtinen, 2005).

Haptices are illustrated by videoclips in the upper part of the webpage. You can watch the video by clicking the arrow on the video clip. The video is divided into two parts. The first part is the text translated info Finnish Sign Language and the haptice itself can be seen in the latter part of the video. Below the video is a static picture with arrow drawings for clarification. Every haptice has its basic haptemes listed and explained below the picture.

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