EDbU Deafblind Youth Camp 2022

EDbU Deafblind Youth Camp 2022
“Deafblind? And, so what!”


The theme of this EDbU Deafblind Youth Camp is “Deafblind? And, so what!”. This theme has been chosen to encourage (young) deafblind people to discover and develop their deafblind identity and find role models amongst others like them.
At the camp, we aim to foster this awareness on deafblind potential, rights and identity. We bring together deafblind people from various European countries so they can exchange knowledge and experiences on European level. Workshops and activities are provided to encourage development of competences and to experience what each one’s possibilities are. We also aim for these participants to continue their advocacy work in their home countries and to spread awareness about being deafblind and deafblind communication. Participants will also encourage their deafblind friends at home to gain deafblind awareness and knowledge on deafblind rights.


17th – 26th of June
Deafblind Youth Camp
More details about the Deafblind Youth Camp program will be sent in the second announcement.

23rd – 24th of June 2022
The EDbU Annual General Assembly (AGA)
The EDbU Annual General Assembly (AGA) invitation will be sent soon.

25th of June 2022
The EDbU Forum
The EDbU Forum invitation will be sent soon.

• Registration opens now.
• Deadline: 1st of April 2022


This event will be placed in two locations:
1) Dworp
2) Center of Brussels.

1.1.) The EDbU Youth Camp starts in Dworp on 17th of June until 22nd of June.
Dworp is located in the province Vlaams-Brabant, 20 km southwest from Brussels. Dworp is known as a quiet and green village.

2.2.) On 22nd of June, the participants of EDbU Youth Camp will move to center of Brussels where they will meet the participants of EDbU AGA and Forum.



To apply for the camp a participant must be:

1) deafblind person
2) live in Europe

Each country can start registering 4 participants now: 2 participants and 2 backups.

The 2 participants must be between 18-30 years old.
The 2 backups may be older then 30 but with a maximum age of 40 years old.

Deafblind participants have 2 options:

1) with assistance
2) without assistance


Deafblind participants can bring 1 or 2 assistants.
The assistants will receive free accommodation and meals.
If your country does not support your assistant to attend EDbU, please contact us on this e-mail address for help: edbu2022@doofblind.vlaanderen

Registration of assistants starts now.
For registration, we will send the Google Form to contact association.

Deadline for the registration of deafblind participants and assistance: 1st of April 2022


Finland, SK, Milla Lindh milla.lindh(a)kuurosokeat.fi

Each federation works differently per country. This Deafblind Youth Camp is hosted for the first time and we do not know all the details yet.
If your country does not have a good contact, please let us know so we can edit this information for following events.
It is important that your country’s youth federation and deafblind federation work together for this initiative, especially to inform and gather deafblind participants for this event.

If your country is in Europe, but it doesn’t appear in the table of contact information, please e-mail us at:


We can work on a solution together!

The EDbU Youth Camp is funded by Erasmus+, which partners with the countries and organizations from the table above.
Attendance prices are categorized in country A and B, depending on the country’s income.


Deafblind participant
425 €
Assistent Free


You can start to book the transport now.


If you are coming to Belgium with the plane, please arrive in these 2 airports:

1) Brussels Airport (BRU)
2) Brussels South Charleroi Airport (CRL)

We will pick you by the airport.
Please arrive in the airport before 14:00 in the afternoon on Friday 17th of June.

If you prefer to come with the international train or bus, you can go by train station “Brussels-Midi/Zuid”. We can pick you from there.

The assistants arrange the transport themselves.


Departure is planned on Sunday, 26th of June. Time doesn’t matter since it is planned that everyone goes to the airport by themselves from the center of Brussels.


The transport fees will be refund for deafblind participants. Send us the proofs of your transport.
Note, we will pay only for the reasonable costs.


The registration procedure:
The registration forms are ready. Please register your participants before 1 April 2022. Payment deadline is also 1 April 2022.

1.Registration form for participants


2.Registration form for interpreter / guide of participants


Payment information:

Bank information:
– Name: Doofblind Vlaanderen vzw
– IBAN: BE91 9733 9462 9376
Deadline registration: 1 April 2022
Deadline payment: 1 April 2022


www.edbu.eu or www.doofblind.be


The EDbU – The European Deafblind Union
Doofblind Vlaanderen
• Anna Timmerman
• Doof & Jong Vlaanderen