Laws and acts

Finnish laws and acts concerning deafblind persons (not a comprehensive list):

– The Constitution of Finland, 731/1999

– The Constitution of Finland: 17 §: Right to one’s language and culture (page 4)

– Law for interpreting services for the disabled, 19.2.2010/133
(Provides 360 hours of interpreting for deafblind persons during a year. Interpretation services can be used for working, studying, participating in different activities and hobbies, also for trips abroad. The deafblinds’ requests are considered.)

– Health Care Act, No. 1326/2010

– Decree on the releasing of aid equipment in medical rehabilitation by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health 1326/2010

– Decree on access to healthcare, from 1.3.2005
(The degree guarantees a minimum time for getting care and treatment from a hospital or health care center. Includes also aid equipments.)

– Social Welfare Act, 710/1982
(Services, assistance, social allowance, social loans and related measures intended to promote social security)

– Law on Qualification Requirements for Social Welfare Professionals, No. 272/2005
(Promoting the right to good treatment by competent social welfare professionals.)

– Act on Qualification Requirements for Social Welfare Professionals, No. 608/2005

– Law for the right to services and support because of disability,
(The subjective rights of persons with severe disabilities.)

– Act on Social Enterprises, No. 1351/2003
(Employment opportunities particularly for the disabled and the long-term unemployed.)

– Law for the social welfare’s clients’ status and rights, 812/2000
(Enhances client oriented approach, good service and treatment)

– Non-Discrimination Act, 21/2004
(Foster and safeguard equality and protection)

– Personal Data Act, 523/1999
(The protection of personal data and private life)

– Basic Education Act, 628/1998
(Support for children with special needs)

– Administrative Procedure Act, 434/2003
(To promote good administration)

– Law for guaranteed pension, 20.8.2010/703
(Guarantees basic security)

– Law for home municipality, 11.3.1994/201
(The right to choose one’s home municipality)

– Act on the Library for the Visually Impaired 1996/638
(The right to produce audio and Braille books)

– Law for rehabilitation benefits and rehabilitation grants from the Social Insurance Institution of Finland, 15.7.2005/566
(The institution organises and reimburses rehabilitation)

– Language Act, 423/2003
(The right to use his/her own language)

– Finnish government’s act on the enforcement of the language act,
(Sign language is mentioned in the law as well as the authorities’ responsibilities in providing interpretation.)

– Act on the Status and Rights of Patients, No. 785/1992
(All residents in Finland are entitled to health and medical care)

– Act on care services for the elderly
(Under preparation in Finland. Will provide a care guarantee and other improvements to the services for senior citizens.)

– Law for support for informal care, 2.12.2005/937
(This law covers care that takes place in the home of the disabled person.)

– Law for service vouchers in the social- and healthcare 24.7.2009/569
(Option to choose services from social- and healthcare)

– Law for the grants for hindrances caused by repairing apartments and health and energy hazards of apartments, 22.12.2005/1184
(Gives support for disabled persons for repairing their apartments.)

– Law for the rights of disabled, 11.5.2007/570 and Act on the rights of disabled, 18.11.1988/989
(Provides monthly grants to compensate the expenses of rehabilitation and daily survival.)

– Law for health insurance, 21.12.2004/1224
(For example for disabled)

– Law for patient payments in the social- and healthcare, 3.8.1992/734
(After a certain limit the patients get services free of charge.)

– Law for income taxes, 30.12.1992/1535
(There are reductions in taxes for disabled if their solvency has worsened)

– Housing Allowance Act, No. 408/1975
(Housing allowance can be granted in order to reduce the cost of a rented or owner-occupied home)

– Law for housing allowance for pensioners, 11.5.2007/571

– Law for public labour and enterprise services, 916/2012
(Includes career and vocational guidance services. The state should take care of the functioning of the labour markets.)

– Law for road traffic, 3.4.1981/267
(Parking permits for disabled.)

– Law for tax on motor vehicles, 29.12.1994/1482
(For disabled: exemption from annual tax on motor vehicles.)