The Finnish Deafblind Association

The Finnish Deafblind Association (FDBA) was established in 1971. The founding meeting was held on December 16, 1971. The activities of the FDBA focus on the deafblind. In Finland, the Association has the most comprehensive professional and specialised expertise and experience in the field of deafblindness.

Deafblind and people with severe visual and hearing impairments in Finland
The Finnish Deafblind Association has approximately 800 deafblind clients or clients with severe visual and hearing impairment. About 350 of them are members of the organisation. There are about 100 children or young people with these impairments. 55 percent of the association’s clients are over 65-years old.

It is estimated that in Finland there are thousands of persons who have a severe visual and hearing impairment due to age. Their impairments are not necessarily detected. They don’t necessarily know about the services which the public sector and ngo’s offer. They don’t necessarily want to admit that they have problems with hearing and seeing in general. They think that it is normal to have these problems and so they don’t know about the helping devices.

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The Finnish Deafblind Association
Mailing and visiting address: Insinöörinkatu 10, 33720 Tampere.
tel. +358 40 778 0266

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